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Bathrooms are versatile spaces that can be used to bring out a homeowner’s creative and imaginative instincts. They create the ideal environment when combined with accessories to spruce up a personalized, unique look. Premier Home provides a lot of possibilities to add a subtle or grand touch to the decor. Our range of luxury and minimal bathroom accessories will make your space look glamorous and user-friendly.

bathroom decor items

Bathroom mirrors   

Bathroom mirrors make a major impact for any modern space as an elegant centerpiece accentuated on chic backgrounds. Mirrors, however, are considered the most important element to transform the overall bathroom space. Choosing the right wall mirror raise concerns about deciding its size, design and even the reflection. Large and rounded mirrors look great in the bathroom or powder rooms and they give the feeling as if you are staring at yourself in front of the faucet while having a clear reflection of the surrounding area also. Premier Home provides sculptural mirrors which will add a touch of drama with their inspiring outlook.

Bathroom lighting

Lighting is often used to enhance the look of the bathroom like a showroom. They are an essential way of creating a soft ambiance across the room when hung as ceiling lights, mirror lights or downlights. They no longer need to be harsh but soft and gentle to cast a warm glow. Lighting is one of our bathroom decor items which make a difference and maintains a radiant rhythm with the adjustment of color and intensity to reach the desired level. Another mode of include functional lighting that incorporates around the mirror for better illumination. In addition, accent lighting or drooped lighting transforms the space with a combination of warm and bright effects.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories

Coming into different materials including wood, plastic, chrome finished stainless steel; toilet roll holders will add a touch of quirk to the bathroom. Modern shelves provide a glamorous accent to the corners while helping to store multiple items. Glass shelves with brackets, on the other hand, make simple yet elegant addition while maximizing the storage space.

Adding accessory sets in the bathroom is the easiest way to make it look exciting and also to carry out a theme for a complete and cohesive look. However, such items will update the room’s look especially through nautical stripes, coastal, luxurious accents or metallic accents. Buy online bathroom accessories in Pakistan at affordable prices. 

bathroom accessories in pakistan
home decor items

Industrial living room trends have transformed the interior design world altogether in recent years. The process of bringing back the old-age designs and concepts that focus on structural elements, finishes, industrial-inspired home decorand lighting will certainly stay here for long. Incorporating unfinished interiors and exposed beams are amongst the best ways to achieve a rustic look for starters.

If you are a core admirer of rustic themes and want to follow the same concept for your home, then below are some ways to achieve the look.

home decor items

Taking inspiration from historical buildings

In order to get into the industrial details, the best way is to examine old buildings with a historical part and start taking inspiration from them. Such buildings will bring you the most creative ideas for rustic industrial interior design. The primary factor would be exposed brick walls, steel columns and timber roofs trusses which are the most commonly found items to consider.

Industrial inspired furniture with minimal detailing

As rustic themes and interior have become increasingly popular, there is also a wide number of manufacturers that have incorporated these concepts into home decor items for the living room interior. These furniture pieces come with minimal detailing featuring, wrought iron chains, adorned with attractive cushions, pillows. Light fixtures paired with similar designs implementing monochrome palettes are the best ways to invest in your furniture while transforming the living space in rustic industrial decor.

home decoration items in pakistan

Including rustic metals

Iron and steel construction has become popular a long ago around the world. Initially, rustic metals became prominent in plumbing and lighting. Rustic and distressed metals were also used in structural components and hardware of buildings. Apart from metals, cast iron, copper and brushed nickel, also look amazing in a modern industrial living room. Rustic industrial themes incorporate a variety of unexpected materials in the room giving a smart rustic aesthetic.

Mixing modern details with old elements

The true beauty of having a modern living room is to mix and match contemporary designs with old ones. Pendant lights and Edison style bulbs will continue to give your space a touch of a modern industrial living room.

Adding DIY elements to create a sense of illusion

For all those homeowners who have concrete or exposed brick walls, can rely on their own silks to cope with rustic elements in order to make a great improvement to their houses. This can be done by checking out some of the faux finishing techniques, or if you are comfortable enough to use power tools to create light fixtures and other crafts that will work well for rustic themed home decorBuy online home decoration items in pakistan at affordable prices anywhere anytime.

home decor items in pakistan
cookware sets

The kitchen is the most used space in the entire house and it is also the area which is loved by most of the family members. This is a place where everything smells good but shouldn’t it look good too? For this, there are various kitchen accessories which come to our mind including crockery, utensils, decoration, and more, as they are considered mandatory for every kitchen.

Chef’s knife

These multi-shaped knives complete the kitchen and they are one of the most essential tools to fulfill cooking needs. Premier Home provides premium quality knives for cutting, chopping or mincing food items. Investing in knives requires it to store them in the drawer. Knife blocks are usually sufficient for this, but a magnetic strip is the best way to store knives in a sequence. After knives, spending in edge-grain cutting or chopping boards helps to protect knives while keeping their edges secure.

kitchen accessories in pakistan


Cookware sets can be used to fulfill basic cooking needs and it makes the mandatory part in every kitchen. Non-stick cookware proves to be one of the most versatile addition in the kitchen as their non-stick coating provides easy cleanup. Ceramic and cast iron skillets cook evenly and don’t stick food or meats. Cast iron or Enamel cast iron can be used for cooking and roasting both.

cookware sets


Essential bakeware could be cookie sheets which are useful to cook a variety of delicious cookies. Muffin tins are more for portion control and make a great piece of bakeware for any kitchen. Muffin tins can also be used to bake other items than muffins. Cake pans are designed for multiple reasons as they help to bake single layered or multiple layered cakes, they can also be used to make casseroles or even cinnamon rolls. Loaf pans, on the other hand, are convenient to bake many recipes with their rolled edges which make it easy to serve and remove cakes or homemade bread.

Kitchen Accessories


Storage options can never be ignored as they help to keep the kitchen neat and tidy. Storage of the cooked meals is as important as the cooking itself. Such containers are important for storing food items, or for transporting them. Most of our storage range is microwave safe and is of top quality. Some of our items can be used for cooking and storage.

Spending on the kitchen items depends on your living style and the style of cooking. The above-mentioned kitchen accessories in Pakistan not only enhance the visual aesthetic but also provide a much easier, tension-free cooking.

Online Furniture Store

The furniture of your home is the biggest investment in the entire home decor that defines your statement. Be it fancy sofas or accent chairs, it draws a larger picture of your style sense and complements the living space.  Among the home accessories in Pakistan, furniture stands out on the top by its utility combined with the aesthetics. However, the selection of the right furniture for your home is tricky and requires some basic guidelines. Whether buying from an online furniture store or a furniture showroom, you always need some useful instructions for a smart choice. Following are some useful tips one must go through to find out the right pieces with clarity of mind.

Online Furniture Store

Size, Measurements and Available Space

You won’t be able to get the suitable furniture piece unless you have the exact measurements of its accommodation. The dimensions of the doorways and stairways are also key for letting it into the desired place. Always cross check the exact size and dimensions of the product and your interior space twice to avoid any inconvenience.

Function and Utility

The utility of the furniture piece plays a key role in its selection which is dependent on your lifestyle and family members. For the living room or TV lounge, the frequent usage in gatherings will require large durable pieces. In other cases, stylish accent pieces are ideal for utility and display needs. So when you head to an online furniture store, never ignore this very aspect while selection.

house decoration items

Suitability with the existing Home Decor

No one knows your home better than you so visualize your existing style and interior design before buying a furniture piece. It should be nicely synchronized with your home decor to further enhance its elegance. The color scheme, room setting, and themes of the designated place should be in your consideration to make a perfect match.

Quality, Comfort and Durability

The biggest of all is the quality and comfort of a furniture piece that leads to a smart choice. For quality, in particular, a lot of features are involved like fabric, finish, material, silhouette and more. The construction of the furniture ensures durability to last for a longer period. When you are in an online furniture store or if shopping online, always check out these three characteristics in the first gaze.

Budget and Competitive Pricing

And it all depends on your pocket than what options you have among the wide range of furniture collections. But you should always do some research to look for competitive prices and then take the final decision. You can do it while sitting at your home as prices are available online of almost all furniture brands. Buy online house decoration items in Pakistan at affordable prices.

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In today’s modern world, home decoration has been transformed and taken to new heights with the latest trends and innovations. Now thematic approach, striking color combinations, and creative designs are focused more to reflect an exclusive homestyle statement. When we talk about home decor, it does refer to each and every corner of the interior space including living decor, furniture, kitchen products, and bathroom accessories. In Pakistan, only a few brands provide home accessories in all of these above-mentioned categories at one place. Premier Home stands on top as an all-inclusive homeware store which is a one-stop destination for buyers to personalize their homes. Let’s have an overview of its comprehensive product range and see what it offers to the buyers.

Living Decor

The living area is the most lived-in space of your home and it is always on top priority when stylizing your home. Each and every decor essential contributes to creating an impact on guests. Premier Home brings you decorative mirrors, wall clocks, frames, lamps, lights and other essentials which highlight your distinctive interior detail.

home decoration items in pakistan


In home decor, furniture is the most important thing which reflects a lasting impression of your style sense. The contemporary statement sofas, accent chairs, stools, and tables are offered under this category to fulfill your varied needs.

home accessories in pakistan

Kitchen Accessories

In Kitchen accessories, it is not limited to the cookware sets and tableware only. A wide range of kitchen utensils and tools like chopping boards, colanders, graters, knives set are included in this category. The design, colors, and durability of its wholesome kitchen range are unparalleled and serve the purpose efficiently.

kitchen accessories in pakistan

Bathroom Accessories

Be it smaller accessories or large utility items, Premier Home’s bathroom décor items are simply elegant. It includes tumblers, soap dishes, bins, storage units, towel rails, over the door hangers, bathroom brushes and more. Each piece is artistically designed to evoke a luxury charm and complements your existing theme. For bathroom accessories in Pakistan, it is unarguably the best online store.

bathroom accessories in pakistan