Bathroom Accessories, Furnishings and Items

Bathrooms are versatile spaces that can be used to bring out a homeowner’s creative and imaginative instincts. They create the ideal environment when combined with accessories to spruce up a personalized, unique look. Premier Home provides a lot of possibilities to add a subtle or grand touch to the decor. Our range of luxury and minimal bathroom accessories will make your space look glamorous and user-friendly.


Bathroom Mirrors   

Bathroom mirrors make a major impact on any modern space as an elegant centerpiece accentuated on chic backgrounds. Mirrors, however, are considered the most important element to transform the overall bathroom space. Choosing the right wall mirror raise concerns about deciding its size, design, and even the reflection. Large and rounded mirrors look great in the bathroom or powder rooms and they give the feeling as if you are staring at yourself in front of the faucet while having a clear reflection of the surrounding area also. Premier Home provides sculptural mirrors which will add a touch of drama with their inspiring outlook.

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is often used to enhance the look of the bathroom like a showroom. They are essential to creating a soft ambiance across the room when hung as ceiling lights, mirror lights, or downlights. They no longer need to be harsh but soft and gentle to cast a warm glow. Lighting is one of our bathroom décor items that make a difference and maintains a radiant rhythm with the adjustment of color and intensity to reach the desired level. Another mode of includes functional lighting that incorporates around the mirror for better illumination. In addition, accent lighting or drooped lighting transforms the space with a combination of warm and bright effects.


Bathroom Accessories

Coming into different materials including wood, plastic, chrome finished stainless steel; toilet roll holders will add a touch of quirk to the bathroom. Modern shelves provide a glamorous accent to the corners while helping to store multiple items. Glass shelves with brackets, on the other hand, make simple yet elegant addition while maximizing the storage space.

Adding accessory sets in the bathroom is the easiest way to make it look exciting and carry out a theme for a complete and cohesive look. However, such items will update the room’s look primarily through nautical stripes, and coastal, luxurious accents or metallic accents. Buy online bathroom accessories in Pakistan at affordable prices. 


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